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Mr. U.M.Patel, retired from the post of Chairman & Managing Director of the company. In recognition of his valuable contribution to the development of the company, the Board of Directors conferred upon him the post of Chairman Emeritus.

In a farewell ceremony, the company Directors and officials reminisced about his determined crusade over a period of 60 years to give the company its status and position in the industry which it enjoys.

Mr. U.M.Patel, thanked all his colleagues for their support to him in his endeavor. He also welcomed the incumbent Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. B.U.Patel who has been instrumental in the modernization and technological advancement of the company.

Mr. B.U. Patel is a techno-commercial man and has led the company from front as Managing Director . The company looks forward to yet greater heights of success under his stewardship.
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DINFLO from dinesh are 100% synthetic Batt-On-Mesh category of felts in Single Layer base construction.

DINFLO which are basically single layer felts, are most suited to long board pickup positions, low and medium speed cultural grade machines with moderate press load with plain presses and on MG positions.

Main Features and Advantages :
Good water handling.
Good sheet finish.
Longer effective life.
Less clogging tendency.
Gives fairly uniform pressure distribution.
Treated for wear and compaction resistance.
Dewater in the ingoing side of nip.
Easy installation.
Good dimensional stability.
Technical Specification
Weave Single Layer
Permeability 60 - 135 CFM
GSM 850 - 1200
Caliper 2.2 - 3.0 mm
Material Nylon (Plied Monofilament)